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09 - May - 2009
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Patient and professional instruction covering the Greater Manchester region, offering block booking discounts and very competitive prices.


Pupil Testimonials

FastPass has an excellent track record when it comes to passing your Practical Driving Test. Here's what some of our pupils say about us:


James is from Eccles and had taken a number of lessonsJames is from Eccles and had taken a number of lessons already with a previous instructor but didn't feel he was making the progress that he wanted to. He contacted FastPass and was quickly impressed with our service. James said:

"My experience with FastPass was absolutely fantastic. I couldn't be happier with the way my lessons went. Having had a previous instructor with whom I did not feel comfortable with I can definitely recommend FastPass One Hundred and Ten Percent. Not only are the one to one lessons very professional but they are also very enjoyable, I can honestly say I enjoyed every lesson I had and i am glad I chose them. I will be sure in the future to recommend FastPass to everyone."

Having left it quite late in life to learnLAURA had delayed learning to drive for some time but eventually, because of her job and moving house she decided to take the plunge and chose FastPass to help her. She passed her test first time and had this to say about her experience:
“I can't recommend Fast Pass highly enough. Having left it quite late in life to learn, I was nervous and unsure of myself but the teaching was great. Really relaxed and they explained things in a way that means you just take everything in. Their patient and calm style really puts you at ease and means you're fully prepared and ready for your test.

Afterwards I took a 1hr motorway lesson, which was worth every penny and I can now drive confidently in all kinds of situations. Thanks FastPass.”

John lives in Salford Quays

JOHN is from Scotland but now lives in Salford Quays and works in Manchester City Centre. He wanted to learn to drive for greater independence and flexibility in his work. Like a lot of learners he took his first lessons at 17yrs old but stopped because he didn't feel ready and lacked confidence. This time around he chose FastPass because they were not a large franchise company, he liked what he read on the Testimonials page and were local to where he lived. John passed first time and wanted to say this about his choice of driving school:

“Overall it was a very pleasurable experience. I had the same instructor throughout who was reassuring and made me feel that I was ready for my test. He was also very flexible and fitted in with my work commitments to make the whole thing relaxing and enjoyable.”

JOHN wasn't confident when he started his lessons but he improved quickly

JOHN wasn’t confident when he started his lessons but he improved quickly and didn’t regret his choice of driving school so when he passed his test he wanted to tell others about his experience:

"Thanks to FastPass I was able to pass my driving test first time with only 3 minor faults. My instructor was always on time and adjusted my lessons to suit my busy schedule. I was always treated with respect and felt I was shown the best way to drive in order to reach my own full driving potential. I was given the best skills and knowledge needed not only to pass my test, but also for my future driving. When I started lessons I wasn't very confident, but FastPass taught me how to be a good driver, as well as being a safe and confident driver. In my opinion, if you want to pass with flying colours and get the skills, knowledge and confidence that I was given, there's nowhere better. Thank you for everything FastPass!"

licence revoked

DAN passed his test when he was 20yrs old but had his licence revoked during the first year. He didn’t drive again for 7yrs until he contacted FastPass because he needed a licence for his job and he liked what he read about us on the website and Facebook. He took a 15hr “Crash Course” and passed his test on the final day. Dan said:

“This was a fantastic result considering I hadn’t driven for 7yrs and when I started the Crash Course my driving was very rusty and I couldn’t do any of the manoeuvres. However the lessons were structured well to improve my weak areas in the time provided and prepared me perfectly for my test. On the day I expected to be nervous but I felt confident because the lessons had been so good. Thanks a lot FastPass, highly recommended.”

WEI lives in SalfordWEI who was born in China but now lives in Salford had no previous driving experience so used Google to find a driving school and she liked what she read on the FastPass website. She passed her test first time and had this to say about her experience:

 “Big thanks to my instructor for his patience and advice. He was always very reliable, friendly and tailored the lessons to my strengths and weaknesses. I feel confident on the road and passed my test first time. Thanks FastPass….Highly recommended.”

SOPHIE lives in SwintonSOPHIE lives in Swinton and found FastPass on the internet. She had a bad experience with her previous driving school and didn’t want all the problems associated with cheap deals that are available from some driving schools. Sophie passed her test quickly and this is what she said about her experience:

“My friends had taken cheap lessons at £10 per hour but had to give them up because they were poor quality. I was glad that I chose FastPass because they made me feel comfortable, were very patient and provided competitively priced lessons, which were good value for money.”

FastPass I felt a renewed confidence with my instructorDAVID had some bad experiences before he contacted FastPass to breathe some life into his learning experience and he wasn’t disappointed. David said:
"Before FastPass Driving School, the journey to success had been a difficult one, with several instructors and test attempts over more than a decade. But with FastPass I felt a renewed confidence with my instructor as he taught me the skills to drive for life and not just enough to scrape a pass in the test. But ultimately, FastPass were able to lead me to that important final test success with a Pass! Thank you.”

AbiABI had taken her driving test before but was unsuccessful and after a break from driving she decided to have another go and chose FastPass to help her. She has now passed her test and commented:

"When I first took my test I didn't really know how to drive very well because I hadn't been taught properly. I couldn't understand how other drivers seemed to know what to do so I was just following them and hoping I was getting it right. All that changed with FastPass because they explained everything to me using diagrams that I could understand and remember. Suddenly, it all seemed to make sense to me so I went from strength to strength and finally passed my test. Big thanks to FastPass".

LAURA was not used to driving on City roads

LAURA was not used to driving on City roads and was a bit nervous at first but was delighted with her success. She said:
“Having previously had driving lessons in the countryside, I was incredibly apprehensive to have lessons on city roads. Nerves were soon forgotten as my FastPass Driving School instructor soon put me at ease with his all-round friendly manner, patience, and encouraging teaching techniques. My instructor’s attention to detail soon paid off and saw me passing my test first time with only 3 minors! I definitely will (and have already!) be recommending FastPass Driving School to my friends.”

My instructor was very supportiveRACKAYA had never driven before so her mum searched the internet for a suitable driving school for her to start her lessons and found FastPass. She was a little nervous at first but her confidence improved as she progressed with her lessons until she passed her test. Rackaya said:
“My instructor was very supportive and  pushed me just enough, which made the lessons very enjoyable. He identified my faults quickly, corrected them and moved me on to the next level so I always felt that I was making good progress. I couldn’t take lessons at the same time every week but they were very flexible to changes in my schedule, which helped a lot.”

Osas lives in SaleOSAS was recommended to FastPass by a friend who also had recently passed his practical driving test. He had taken his test four times previously but had been unsuccessful so contacted us and took advantage of our block booking discount. He passed his test in Sale and was full of praise for the tuition that he received:

“My experience was very positive and my driving faults were quickly identified and corrected. This surprised me at first because previous instructors had not provided this level of detail so I thought that I could drive OK until I started my lessons with FastPass. I paid a little bit more for the lessons but the quality was very good so in the long term I actually saved money.”

DEEPIKA lives near Salford QuaysDEEPIKA lives near Salford Quays and was recommended to FastPass by her husband who had recently passed his test with us. She wasn’t disappointed with her choice and said this about her experience:

“I had a very good instructor and passed my Practical Driving Test after only 24 lessons, which was amazing. My husband and my instructor then advised me to do my Pass Plus, which I did and it not only improved my confidence but also reduced my insurance premium.”

KateKATE "Hi I'm Kate and I passed my test today after being terrified of even getting behind the wheel a few months ago. FastPass have been great for my confidence and always professional. Very, very happy!"




SueSUE Sue decided to learn how to drive at the age of 37! As a cyclist for many years she had built up a hatred of car drivers and a fear of being a driver herself.

"When I came to FastPass Driving School I had a lot of funny little habits like looking down rather than ahead and my speed on junctions and roundabouts was causing me to make dangerous last minute decisions. However, the biggest demon to overcome was my nerves and FastPass worked hard to help me overcome all of these things and achieve the unthinkable in the space of only 4 months…. I became a confident and road worthy driver! Big thanks to FastPass for being caring, informative and patient. See you on the road!"

CherelleCHERELLE wanted to learn to drive for the same reason as many others – She was fed up with waiting in the cold and wet for public transport. Now she has passed her test and those days are in the past. Cherelle says:

"I am so pleased to have passed my driving test and I now feel that it opens up a brand new future for me with opportunities that were not available to me before. I can't thank FastPass enough for their patience and the quality of the lessons, which was fantastic. If you want to learn to drive with someone who cares about you then I would recommend FastPass every time. I am now taking the Pass Plus to complete my driving skills and feel confident on Motorways."

You can also take a look at our video to hear what more of our pupils have to say about their driving experience with FastPass.

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